Where to find missing options in Lightroom


When using Lightroom, you may stumble upon tools that you’ve never used before, or you might have accidentally closed some of the tools and are now unable to locate them back again. These tools and features are essential for editing your photos, so it’s essential to know where to find them for when you need to use them. On this article, we’ve listed some of the most important features in Lightroom and where you can locate them.



In the middle of viewing or switching panels in Lightroom, you may find that one of your panels have disappeared. If this happened, you could easily bring the panel back by right-clicking on the panel headers. This option also allows you to hide any panels.


Folder and photo collections

Your photo collections are important for when you want to open some of the files that you have previously edited on the software. To locate your photo collection, just click on the ‘File’ option and then finally ‘Open Recent List’. While opening your most recent pictures, you may find that you have more than one catalogue. As a last resort, if you’re unable to locate them using the above option, you can directly search for the file ending in ‘.LRCAT’ in your computer.



When the toolbar has gone missing, simply press the letter ‘T’ on your keyboard, and this will act as a shortcut which enables to show or hide the toolbar. You can also customise your toolbar by allowing specific tools to be shown or hidden. To enable this, simply click the downward triangle on the bottom right corner and leave the tools checked if you want them displayed on your toolbar.


Lightroom menu bar

Sometimes you may accidentally maximise your Lightroom window and find that the menu bar has disappeared. In this case, you simply need to close the full-screen mode by holding Shift + F on your keyboard, and you will then be able to minimise or maximise your screen. Once minimised, the menu option will be back on your screen.  


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