What is the best lcd screen laptop for photo editing?

One of the most essential pieces of technology for the professional photographer is the laptop. This is needed in order to view and edit photographic images. However the choice of laptop can be a difficult one, as there are so many different makes and models on the market, It can be quite difficult to know what the best lcd screen laptops are for the job.

One certainty is that the quality of the lcd screen is vital in order to view rhe image as clearly and in as high a resolution as possible. But the type of LCD screen is also just as important, as there are several different types to choose from. What is not recommended for photographers are Twisted Nemanic Panels (TNP) as they can give a rather limited view of your image. It is best that this type of lcd be avoided, as you will be disappointed when trying to edit your images; due to the fact that colors will look completely different when not viewed straight on.


Much better options are those of Plane Switching (IPS) lcd screens and and Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO). With these two types of lcd screen, colors stay intact and images can be viewed from any angle without distortion. I is these two types of lcd laptop screens that photographers need to look out for.

So what is the best lcd screen laptop for photo editing? Below are some of the latest laptops that are useful for photo editing purposes and which contain these two types of lcd screen.

Dell XP 15 – This has an incredibly sharp screen for photo editing. The 15 inch touchscreen with 4k display really is every photographer’s dream. This uses IGZO panel technology together with 8 million pixels to create the clear and sharp images on screen, The screen resolution is seven times that of an ordinary HD screen.

Dell Precision M4800 – This is a 15,6 inch laptop screen with IGZO technology. Together with AMD graphics this laptop will allow you to view clearly 3D images in exceptional high quality definition.

Asus Zen Book – This laptop uses IPS technology to create stunning graphics. With 4K and full HD resolution, you are guaranteed wide viewing angles and no loss of color.

Sony Flip 15 – This laptop used IPS technology via a 15 inch touchscreen. Once again the lcd screen is clear and bright allowing you to view images from any angle without the loss of clarity or color. This is further helped by the fact that the screen can be moved and rotated for ease of viewing.

There are obviously many more lcd screens on the market that use both IGZO nd IPS panel technology. But the above selection just give you an idea of what is available out there. Technology obviously continues to evolve but at present the best lcd screen for photography editing purposes would appear to be that of the IGZO. This obviously is the most expensive, so if budget is an issue the next obvious choice would be that of a laptop screen with IPS.

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