What is better for photographers – the PC or laptop?

Nowadays digital cameras are more popular than ever. Many photographers are now choosing digital over ‘old school film’ cameras, simply because they are flexible, easy to use and have a wide range of editing options available to them. Photoshop and Lightroom, for example are two of the most popular digital editing resources that are available for photographers. One real issue that many photographers do struggle with though is the choice of computer, in which to edit their photographs. Which is best for the job, a laptop or a PC?

Below we will consider both options; the laptop vs pc for photo editing purposes. Though to be honest, there are pros to using both.

Benefits of the laptop

benefits of using a laptop

Laptops are portable – Meaning that you can edit your photographs straight away. There is no need to go back to your office. This obviously is hugely convenient and can save you much needed time, especially if you have several shoots in one day. It also means that you can do more work.

Uncluttered work space – Laptops have virtually no cables, meaning that you can work without clutter. They also take up minimal space while you work.

Screen size – One of the biggest worries that photographers have is that of thinking that the laptop screen size is too small to work on with regards to high resolution images. This can easily be solved by using multi screen viewing, as all laptops have the ability to attach a larger monitor to them.

Storage – Many individuals also have concerns about the lack of available storage hat laptops offer. However this is easily solved by using cloud storage and removable hard drive storage.

Benefits of the PC

Customizable – It is well known that the PC is a lot more customizable then a laptop. You can use a larger monitor very easily, as well as being able to utilize many different ports for downloading your images. You can just do a lot more, with regards to editing and downloading with a PC.

More adaptable – In that it is much easier to replace RAM or any graphics card to a desktop PC, than it is to a laptop

High resolution viewing – The PC can offer the viewing of high res images at a much lower price than that of the equivalent laptop. You pay much more for laptops with the same technology, simply because they are portable.

The laptop and PC have many benefits depending on your needs. If you are constantly on the go and very rarely return to your workspace then the laptop is a much belter option, purely because of its flexibility. But you need to make sure that the graphics are good and that you can easily view and download high resolution images. The bigger the screen it has the better it is to view images.

If you are a photographer who constantly upgrades software and spends most time at work in the office, then the PC is a much better option, as it can be upgraded more often and has more editing features.

The choice is really up to you.

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