The Best Photo Editing Laptops

We already looked in detail at the key features you should be looking for in a laptop if you want to primarily use it for photo editing. This level of specification requires an upper-mid range budget, so we’ve looked at some appropriate models and decided on a pretty solid list of contenders. If photo editing is your passion, one of these picks should suit you perfectly.

1) Microsoft Surface Pro 4

OK, the very first entry on our list isn’t even a laptop as such. How exactly does that work? Well, in fact it’s absolutely great for photo editing. This 2-in-1 combination allows you to use a high quality stylus with the 12.3 inchtouchscreen to touch up your images, and with its excellent quality display you’ll see all colours accurately. It also features 8GB of RAM and a pretty impressive 256GB SSD for storing your image library.

2) Dell XPS 13 9350

Everyone has been raving about the XPS 13 since Dell launched it a few months back. Its standout features include the 13.3 “infinity display” with an impressive edge-to-edge 3200 x 1800 resolution, and Intel Core i7 processor. It includes the exact same RAM and storage as the Surface Pro, but in traditional laptop form, albeit an extremely well designed one.

3) MacBook Pro

Apple is currently rolling out a brand new range of Macbooks, but even the 2015 models were already up there with the best of this year. The 15 inch MacBook Pro is pretty much unbeatable in terms of user experience and reliability when you consider all the factors, and for photo editing you can’t get much better, assuming you’re a fan of the operating system. Not everyone can get to grips with it straight away, but if you find it intuitive then your photo editing work can become lightning fast.

4) ASUS ZenBook Pro

ASUS are gradually building a reputation as a quality brand for laptops and tablets, and the ZenBook Pro UX501VW is a great offering if you’re interested in image editing. This model features an Intel i7 processor again, but it beats the Surface Pro and the XPS 13 when it comes to RAM and SSD storage, doubling the figures for both with 16GB and 512GB respectively. It also has an incredible 4K screen with a 3820 x 2160 resolution, making it worthy of a place on this list.

We’d be surprised if one of these models didn’t suit you, although they are all on the slightly higher end of the price point. If you need to refer back to our list of key features to look out for in a photo editing laptop, you can revisit our previous article to inform your decision.

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