Free Photo Editing Software


You don’t always have to spend lots of money when buying a photo editing software. In fact, there are many photo editing software online that are absolutely free to download. You can either download the free software to your desktop or use the software using your online browser. So if you are looking for a free alternative, we highly recommend the following photo editing software below.


If you haven’t heard of GIMP before, you are missing out! GIMP is a photo editing software that’s known as a free alternative to Adobe Photoshop. It offers a very similar editing layout to Photoshop and also provides you with a high-resolution result to your images. GIMP allows you to resize and retouch your photos just like the Adobe Photoshop. Just bear in mind that GIMP is quite limited when it comes to printing your files as it doesn’t have the same capacity and flexibility as Photoshop.

Image Forge

If you’re looking for basic editing, we recommend Image Forge. Although Image Forge is known for it’s drawing capabilities, it’s also flexible with photo editing. It has all the basic tools you need including enhancing images with effects and resizing tools. The free Image Forge was introduced as a teaser for their pro package, however, it offers all basic editing you need for photo editing.


Picasa is another free editing software that was made by Google. The software is very easy to use and perfect for beginners. It allows smooth managing of your photos and different options to share your images online. It has all the essential tools you need for editing including cropping, picture alignment, shadows, contrast, colour corrector as well as lighting effects. They also offer some basic photo effects and filters including black and white, softening, sepia and many others.

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