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Choosing Photo Editing Software

Making your photos look better, even if you only edit them, is actually really easy once you have the basic skills. It’s a fun and rewarding process, which is probably why so many people get into it as a hobby and want to make sure their hardware and software are both up to the task. There is a range of software available, depending on your budget and skill level, so we decided to compare the main players and draw some comparisons.

1) Photoshop Elements 14

This is Adobe’s product aimed at beginner to intermediate users on a budget. It makes everything simple and provides easy access to all the tools you need to edit images effectively, without cutting out too many professional features that more advanced users might expect. Instead of offering you a massive toolbox without guidance like full Photoshop software, Elements is more geared towards making the editing process quick and straightforward, with plenty of helpful pointers and guides. It’s also great value for money, coming in well under £100.

Image editing software

2) Photoshop CC

One step up from Elements is Adobe’s flagship editing software for photos. Photoshop Creative Cloud 2016 is the latest edition, and it basically packs in everything you could want for image editing purposes. You need to already know your way around, as we mentioned earlier, and you won’t find much in the way of guidance if you get stuck and don’t know how to use a tool. However, once you master the tools and get over the relatively high price, Photoshop is unrivalled in terms of what you can achieve.

3) PaintShop Pro X8

You can only get Corel’s PaintShop Pro for Windows, and it doesn’t have quite as many supported features as Photoshop Elements, but these drawbacks can be justified by its cheaper price point. Overall it is considered a great entry level piece of software for those on a tight budget, offering almost everything you could want in a mid-level photo editor.

4) Picasa 3

Picasa is Google’s photo editing application for PCs and Macs. It’s free, which already gives it a significant plus point. It does the job if you want speedy photo editing without spending much time working out the details and tweaking settings. It does have a strong link to Google+, however, and encourages you to share your photos there, which many users are less than impressed by.

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