Choosing a PC for Creative & Visual Work

Choosing a PC for Creative & Visual Work

Creative tasks like photo and video editing are essential in many lines of work, and it’s also a hobby that many advanced laptop users enjoy and take seriously. It’s possible to balance the technical requirements you need for serious creative work with a pretty modest budget, but you do need to be fully aware of what you’re looking for. Features you’ll need for photo editing include:

Screen resolution

You’ll need to choose a 1080p FHD display at an absolute minimum, and preferably go closer to something like 3200×1800 so you can really get a clear view of the finer details. Also consider the actual quality of the screen, and not only the number of pixels, unless you’re planning to do all your work with your laptop connected to an external monitor.


An Intel Core i5 is the minimum processor level we would recommend for intensive photo or video editing, but i7 is highly recommended, especially if you are working with fairly demanding software. A better processor will allow you to work much faster and more efficiently, especially when you’re multitasking and using large files.


When you’re running advanced software, you’ll really notice the difference if you don’t have enough RAM. Less than 8GB probably won’t be sufficient, and using programs like Photoshop will be difficult unless you constantly clear your cache. 8GB or 12GB of RAM is often built into many new laptops now, so you shouldn’t struggle to find this minimum.


You’ll also need a good amount of room on your hard drive if you want to work on some serious photo editing. You’re likely to be dealing with large files, and even the software required can take up a significant amount of space on a small hard drive. Solid state drives are becoming quite common and allow much faster transfer of data, but they are still relatively small. You may need a 1TB HDD or larger if you have a decent sized photo library.

Based on these rough guidelines, you might be able to make an informed decision on your own. However, we’ve already done the hard work for you and picked out the best photo and video editing laptops currently on the market! You can check out the full list in the next article on our blog.

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