7 Photo Shop Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know

Truth be told; Photoshop is an amazing software that can in a myriad of ways help your creativity and talent express itself through quite an array of useful tools. However, despite it being one of the easiest tools to use, it is quite difficult to master. If you are one of those who use this tool every other day, here are top photo shop tricks to help you improve your skills. These few tricks are probably some of the best and could make a difference as you move forward with your next project.

Layer Styles

This is actually an easy and simple trick to add some pizzazz to your image. They are some kind of special effects that can be applied to individual layers quickly and with so much ease. The best part, how to pull it off is quite simple. All you need to do is to double click on a layer and then you choose the effect that works best for you. For example, with a click of a button, you can choose to go for, drop a shadow, and glow among others.

Bird’s Eye View

This is probably one of the best Photoshop tricks for viewing your work. When zoomed in close, immediately hold down H and subsequently drag in your image to dart out to full screen them jump to another area.

Adjustment layers

If you are using Photoshop for whatever purpose, like change the colors of your images or make them sharper or you just want to improve the contrast, do not forget to always use the adjustment layers for it comes with a number of advantages. For example, with adjustment layers, you do not necessarily have to make changes on the image itself, but rater on a separate layer. With that alone, you can easily change the settings to see which adjustment works best for you.

Magic Wand Tool

As the name suggests, this is another magic tool that could be of great help when you are working with a background that is very consistent and monotone. If you want a specific color for your image, this is the tool you should be using. For example, whether you want a clear blue sky or white background, this tool should do the trick.

3D Carousel view

Do you require a Photoshop trick that can help you view your images in some of the most interesting ways? Well, you got it; hit CMD/ Ctrl + B to view your images in a snazzy 3D carousel. Using the left and right arrow keys, you can then scroll through your images and hit down to get remove an image from the view.

Dodge Tool

It lightens pixel where you use it. It is one of the best solutions for “red tired eyes”. However, remember not to overdo it; just a few simple strokes would actually do the trick. After all, who would want his or her model to look like an alien.

Selecting similar layers

If you want to quickly similar layers such as shapes, you can highlight one of them and then go to Select-Similar layers.

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