Basic photoshop skills for photographers


Photoshop is one of the leading photo editing software used by most professional photographers. It’s a powerful software that can enhance your images in an instant. It’s important for photographers to know the basic tips and tricks in able to produce good quality work in photoshop. Once you’re familiar with some of the tips, you’ll be able to create outstanding photos within a few clicks!

Black and white

Converting images to black and white is a classic style that many photographers used for some of their pictures. It’s also an easy trick as this can be done by adjusting the black and white tone in your picture. There are also different kind of style of black and white images, and this can be adjusted easily to your preference.

Healing brush

The healing brush is perfect for fixing any imperfections on an image. With this tool, you can remove any flaw by covering and making it blend with the rest of your image. To use this tool use


Masking is useful for making accurate adjustments on any parts or objects in your images. Simply use the quick mask mode by entering the Q in uppercase and select the desired object. Once selected, lock the selection by pressing the same letter on your keyboard.

Dodge and burn tool

Dodge and burn tool is excellent for brightening or darkening certain areas on your photo. When using both tools, it’s important to duplicate another layer of your image as this will be more effective for the picture. The dodge tool is used for lightening and burn is for darkening.

Multiple layers

One of the useful tools in Photoshop is the layers. Building layers provide more flexibility while you’re editing your image. Simply build a layer on top of your original image to preserve the quality of your image and prevent any changes.