Tips To Make Your Photo Editing Easy

Tips To Make Your Photo Editing Easy

When you’re using software such as Photoshop or comparable programs to edit your photos, there are plenty of tips and tricks that can save a huge amount of time if you learn them early. Some things you will probably pick up by yourself over time as you learn from your mistakes, because if things go wrong you can find yourself wasting a lot of time trying to find your own workarounds for issues.

Fortunately, you can benefit from our experience! Regardless of what software you’re planning to use, here are some of our top tips for working with photo editing software.

1) Layers

A simple mistake to make if you’re new to advanced image editing software like Photoshop is to ignore layers and just work on one flat image. The problem with that is every action you take permanently overwrites what was there before. If you use a new layer each time you tackle a new area of your image or a new effect, you can experiment with switching on or off different elements and moving things around until you get it right.

2) History

You should make sure you set up your software so it remembers a fairly long list of actions. This allows you to “undo” multiple times if you realise you made a mistake earlier, and sometimes you can take snapshots of the current state of your document so you can revert to a particular stage later. This is a good idea when you’re about to make significant changes to multiple layers.
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