Photo Editing – Mac or PC?

The debate about whether to choose an Apple Mac or a PC running Windows is notoriously heated in many circles, and within the field of photography this is no different. Ultimately, people have success stories using both, but it depends on the user’s experience level and the configuration of your hardware and software at the end of the day. Personal preference can also play a major role!

That said, we want to offer some advice to simplify the issue. If you’re at the point where you need a new computer for working on digital image editing, you may be tempted to switch from one to the other, but can’t decide whether a PC or Mac will be better suited to your needs. Here we cover a few commonly mentioned points and try to shed some light on the debate.

1) Performance

Not all photo editing software is compatible with both OSX and Windows, although in all fairness the vast majority of professional tools are available for both. If you’re using something like Photoshop or Lightroom for most of your work, you might find people claiming that these programs will run better on a Mac. In fact, as long as you’re willing to spend good money on a high quality Windows laptop, it can definitely match the performance of a Mac.

2) Troubleshooting

Windows computers do have more errors, issues, viruses and unexplained lapses in performance than Macs. This is a proven fact, unfortunately. Having said that, Apple computers are not immune from similar issues, and you may have probability on your side but that isn’t a guarantee. You’re probably less likely to get frustrated with major software and hardware hiccups when working on a Mac, but we don’t think this completely balances out the potential benefits of using a PC.
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