Invest in a Cheaper Second Hand Laptop for Photoshop Editing

Anyone who has done photography for a while knows that even the best photographer, with the best camera, still has to edit photos. This is because a raw photo is always far from perfect and thus it still requires slight alterations such as retouching, adjusting and adding effects to the images to make it look more beautiful.

Photoshop is one of the best and most commonly used photo editors available today. It has become very popular among editors because it incorporates very powerful editing tools that make it possible to make any pictures look excellent with just some slight tweaking. Sometime back photo editing was mainly done by professional photographers and journalists. Things have changed these days and now we can edit our own personal photos that we take with our Smartphone cameras or digital cameras.

Even though you will find photoshop on most people’s laptops, many of them are not enjoying using it since their machines either don’t meet the required specifications, or don’t have the features to run it smoothly. One thing that you may have already realised is that to get a new laptop that can run photoshop smoothly you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to get one. This mainly is because photoshop requires a laptop with a great display size, a powerful processor and enough RAM memory to work properly. These features come with the extra price and cannot be ignored when we are choosing our desired laptops for photoshop editing. Still this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy your desired editing laptop if you are on a tight budget.

You should opt for the next best alternative which is to get a second hand or factory refurbished laptop that is in good condition and that can do the job. You can get laptops for photoshop editing on sites like ebay at discounted prices.
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What is the best lcd screen laptop for photo editing?

One of the most essential pieces of technology for the professional photographer is the laptop. This is needed in order to view and edit photographic images. However the choice of laptop can be a difficult one, as there are so many different makes and models on the market, It can be quite difficult to know what the best lcd screen laptops are for the job.

One certainty is that the quality of the lcd screen is vital in order to view rhe image as clearly and in as high a resolution as possible. But the type of LCD screen is also just as important, as there are several different types to choose from. What is not recommended for photographers are Twisted Nemanic Panels (TNP) as they can give a rather limited view of your image. It is best that this type of lcd be avoided, as you will be disappointed when trying to edit your images; due to the fact that colors will look completely different when not viewed straight on.


Much better options are those of Plane Switching (IPS) lcd screens and and Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO). With these two types of lcd screen, colors stay intact and images can be viewed from any angle without distortion. I is these two types of lcd laptop screens that photographers need to look out for.

So what is the best lcd screen laptop for photo editing? Below are some of the latest laptops that are useful for photo editing purposes and which contain these two types of lcd screen.
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What is better for photographers – the PC or laptop?

Nowadays digital cameras are more popular than ever. Many photographers are now choosing digital over ‘old school film’ cameras, simply because they are flexible, easy to use and have a wide range of editing options available to them. Photoshop and Lightroom, for example are two of the most popular digital editing resources that are available for photographers. One real issue that many photographers do struggle with though is the choice of computer, in which to edit their photographs. Which is best for the job, a laptop or a PC?

Below we will consider both options; the laptop vs pc for photo editing purposes. Though to be honest, there are pros to using both.

Benefits of the laptop

benefits of using a laptop

Laptops are portable – Meaning that you can edit your photographs straight away. There is no need to go back to your office. This obviously is hugely convenient and can save you much needed time, especially if you have several shoots in one day. It also means that you can do more work.

Uncluttered work space – Laptops have virtually no cables, meaning that you can work without clutter. They also take up minimal space while you work.
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